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Programs & Services Provided



A vital part of the services provided by the Bethesda Youth Welfare Centre is the Chemical Addiction outpatient program is designed to meet the needs of those who do not require in-patient assistance but who need help in overcoming Substance abuse behavior. Here the focus is on Chemical dependency counseling whether the problem involves Alcohol, Heroin and other addictive chemicals.


The counseling services are available in group, family, couples and individual sessions for all age group. The duration of the Counseling /treatment is determined on the individual basis between the counselor and the client.


The Bethesda out patient program is conducted through its Counseling Recreational Center 

II.  DE-ADDICTION & REHABILITATION :                             

  • 15 Bedded indoor de-toxification and pre-rehabilitation counseling program for one month.
  •  Three to six months rehabilitation program based on four pronged approach viz.., physical Therapy, Spiritual Therapy, work and Social Therapy. 


Nagaland having predominantly Christain population, Churches play vital role in training and shaping public opinion on multiple issues through various aspects. Thus, these programs envisage networking exclusively to the Church group throughout Nagaland by conducting Seminars, Workshops and Training. The prime target of this program is the youth department of the Churches in Nagaland irrespective of their different allegiance to various denominations.


Bethesda Youth Welfare has initiated Targeted Intervention Projects in 3 districts of Nagaland targeting the Injecting Drug Users (IDUs), which is functioning in Networking with Nagaland State AIDS Control Society and EHA/AVAHAN – project ORCHID. 

Under Dimapur District :

  1. Bethesda Drop-in-Centre - Duncan Basti, Dimapur
        Extension DIC :- Dhobinalla, Dimapur
  2.  Bethasda Drop-In-Centre - OST Super Market, Dimapur
        Extension DIC :- New Field Check Gate, Dimapur
  3. Bethesda Drop-In-Centre, Chumukedima Town
        Extension DIC :- 6th Mile Sodzolhou
  4. Service Delivery centre for Feale IDUs (FIDU Project I-81 UNODC) Westyard
       Colony, Dimapur

Under Phek District :

  1. Bethesda B-ELF Network, Phek Town
  2. Bethesda C-RWS Network, Pfutsero


Under Wokha District :


Bethesda Welfare Club Network DIC, Bhandari Town


Extension DICs :-

Bethesda Sub Drop-in-Centre, Sanis

Bethesda Sub Drop-in-Centre, Merapani & Ralan Old


Activities under DICs :-

  • Counseling and one to one interaction
  • Abscess Care/Treatment
  • STI Treatment
  • STD,HIV/AIDS referrals & Primary Medical Care and rehabilitation information
  • Advocacy Meeting & Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
  • Awareness Campaigns on Drug & HIV/AIDS
  • Condom Promotion and Needle & Syringe Exchange Program (NSEP)
  •  IEC/Recreational materials procurement and distribution 
  •  Indoor game & Creativity Therapy
  • Intensive Follow-up   

Objective :-

  • To create a situation whereby the spread of HIV/AIDS among the targeted IDUs could be controlled.
  • To improve the quality of life by enhancing awareness level about HIV/AIDS and related issues among the IDUs/DUs/ General Population.
  • To deal with the attitude of IDUs with respect to use of safer method of injection/condom and bring the targeted to the Harm Reduction Progran.


Rural Health & Educational programme was started in 1999 eith thrust area on the interstate border of Assam Nagaland on the foothills of Wokha District.

The Center periodically conducts free medical camps and awareness on proper health care covering 15 village in the area and currently supporting a Rural Health Worker in Lio- Wokha area. A rural Elementary School is in progress and the academic session is functional since 2001.  


A Rural Cultural Unit has been set at up at Hayiyan Lio-WOkha, Wokha District to bring the people together in a platform, integrating Drug & HIV/AIDS awareness program  by reviving, preserving and promoting the culture heritage of the people.

VII. Centre for Community Transformation

Centre for Community Transformation (CCT) was started in the year July 2007. the main objective of CCT is aimed at providing the best availing services to the needs of the community. The center is aimed at self sustenance. It has an AC conference hall with a capacity to accommodate around 40-50 people. The Center also maintains a Guest House within the Training Complex with an in take capacity of 28 guests.

It also provides free space for a Children ministry called KIDS WORKSHIP CENTRE. With all the basic amenities available, the guests are made comfortable during their stay at the center. The center is also in the process of setting up a library hall cum internet café which will provide basic and necessary information’s.

This will be a source of information center for researchers as well as those who will be conducting trainings at the center. 


The SCENEI CSD – 10 project was started in the year 2004 Nov. It is working in 18 (eighteen) Villages in the Nagaland-Assam Border of Wokha district – Nagaland. This project is being operated in partnership with NGO Dialogue Forum (supported by EED). The activities that are being carried out are the following :-

  • Promotion of Indigenous seeds
  • Formation of food banks
  • Seed money and other economic support for SHG
  • Awareness creation and training on Economic Literacy, Gender, Peace,  globalization and democratization.  

IX. Inter-personal and Community Based Communication (IPC)

The IPC Project started from 28th January 2009. Supported by Australian international Health Institute (the University of Melbourne) Ltd (AIHI).

The following are the objectives carried out to reduce Stigma and Discrimination toward people living with HIV/AIDS : 

  • Strengthening the capacity of the women in general to facilitate change in the community.
  • To provide information and education of HIV/AIDS for correct and factual knowledge free from Myths and misconceptions.
  • To develop adequate understanding of the different form of HIV/AIDS  related Stigma and Discrimination.

The following area are being covered under this project.

  1. Bhandari
  2. Sanis Town & Sanis Village
  3. Merapani
  4. Doyang
  5. Pangti &
  6. Tssori             


This project is an additional component of Harm Reduction program available in 3 districts of Nagaland. The project is funded by EHA-DFID focusing on reducing the rate of HIV infection amongst the IDUs which in return helps them avoid injecting practices.

Core Activities :-

  • Buprenorphine Dispensing
  • TB Treatment
  • Counseling
  • Family Meeting
  • Advocacy Programs
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Referrals 
XI. Other Health Care Related Program: Promoting Prevention, Care and Management of Diabetes amongst indigenous People emphasising on Diabetic Foot Care : A partnership program initiated with WDF(World Diabetic Foundation) under WDF 15-1245 was initiated in March 2016 for a period of 5 years. It aims to reached out to 67500 indigenous people covering 400 Villages in the Districts of Wokha and Dimapur, to perform 27500 Diabetic screening Test and possibly treat about 8000 people with Diabetic foot care. A local partner namely, Zion Welfare Society ,Baghty,Rural Area Foundation and Baseleia Mission were also on board to carry out the work.